A Robot Trajectory Programming Method using Multi-Camera Systems


The paper studies how multi-camera systems can be used for registering trajectories. A sensorized tool (a paintbrush) has been used to track the movements of a painter. Its position and its orientation is recorded using a rigid body registration technique on the reflective spheres, which generates its trajectory. Additional treatments for smoothing the acquired trajectory enable a robot to reproduce its movement. Such technique for the registration of tool movements relieves the robot programmer of a fastidious trajectory planning and remarkably quickens the programming phase.

10th IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Application

In this project, we sensorized a tool with reflective marker in order to track its position and orientation in time and reproduce the trajectory with a anthropomorphic robot.

This project has been realized at the Vision Bricks Laboratory (VBLAB), Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with ABB Robotics Italy


Full Tile Painting

Changing brush

3D Painting (Bowl)

Silvio Giancola
Silvio Giancola
Research Scientist